One of the most influential people in my life has to be Coach George, my high school Varsity Track coach. His unique and truthful coaching methods helped shape a young man trying to find his way. The extra time he gave me as a coach, trainer, & father figure influenced how I have lived my life to this day.

Coach allowed me to practice as an 8th grader with the varsity track team. I remember the first time I ran on the high school track. State high jumping champ & star basketball player Elvin Jones was there, looking every bit of intimidating as the new paper clippings viewed him. But he spoke to me and said “welcome to practice”. I’ll never forgot that day. I went back to my 8th grade practice and had more confidence than every before. Those experiences and many more helped shape & mold me.

There are many coaches that pass through our youth programs, but there are few life mentors that impact our community as Coach Fred George has. He has been a staple in the Ferndale community for over 30 years. His leadership comes second to none.

One of my child hood heroes and life mentor, Coach George is like none other.